Choreographing Cinemea I
Museum of Fine Arts, Remis Auditorium

Dom Svobode (2000) Slovenia
choreographed by iztok kovac. in this one 8 people were doing a fully choreographed work on the side of a mountain. they were perpendicular to the mountainside on ropes and the camera was aimed up at them. it was filmed so that the first thing you noticed was that gravity was not acting as it should and then you noticed how it was all working. that was spliced with all of these shots of dance in a factory. it had kind of this epic quality within a 30 minute time frame

Rosa (1992) Belgium/UK
choreographed by anna teresa de keersamaker. the filming idea in this one was more used to tell you what to focus on in the dance. the dancing could have been filmed in one take i guess. more like photography--you were watching the dance with someone elses eye. what you focused on was the movement, which was actually worth watching.

other films included:

kazuo ohno (1995)Japan
choreographed by kauo ohno -- a wonderfully strange butoh piece in various setting

clown (2002)Russia
choreographed by slava polunin. -- blend of mime and animation

cost of living (2004) UK
choreography by lloyd newson an dv8
my least favorite. it has words in it for one thing, and used a man with no legs. the idea was ok, but then you just have to say "this is a man with no legs, his life is not going to be the easiest".

the experience made me sort of think of the problem of people's accessability to dance and if this is the way things should be going. do you have to actually choreograph for the camera to get any kind of portable recorded media to be distributed and displayed. every art has something, even if it is not a full representation. but recordings of dance performances just stink.

the other thing it made me think of was how much better european dance is (an overly broad generalization i know). it seems to me european choreographers have not gotten trapped into performance art for new ideas. they can still dance in dance. or maybe performance art is so developed that they would have no way of competing?


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